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I’m Andrew Smith, a digital marketer & content creator from Southern California. Through a series of rather spontaneous deviations, I’ve been to 34 countries, many in the last few years. During these trips, the urge to share the joy of exploration has grown — encouraging people to stray from the path.

We know that life is not about the amassing of objects, and that the accumulation of experiences makes us feel alive. It all boils down to a simple question: are we inspiring the lives of others?

Below is a selection of work from around the world, picked vastly different projects.

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Photography is a moment frozen in time, letting the emotions of that instance flood back, sometimes stronger than they were in the first place.
While photo is important, video truly shines. It can take someone to a place they've never been and make them feel as if they're there.
Social Media
This is how we connect. No longer optional, social media is the essential communication method of today.
This one is selfish: I love beer, and so do a lot of other people. Turns out that the story of this drink being created and enjoyed around world is a fascinating one and I'm committed to exploring it.


Social Media

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