I wanted to make a million dollars by age 30, on Wall Street, peering out of a Manhattan high-rise. So, with a fresh finance degree in hand, I was hit with the realization that I never asked myself why I was doing this. I looked up at these ultra-successful people I was supposed to be emulating and couldn’t find myself in them. That vapid pipe dream fell apart.

Unsure of what to do, I just took any opportunity that opened up. I did graphic design, taught English to at-risk youth, toured the US drumming in a band, and finally I decided to cash in on a middle school dream: moving to Seoul, South Korea. Turns out it was the best decision of my life. Living abroad and being gainfully lost reawakened a need to tell stories and acquire experiences, not money.

Upon returning to the USA, I worked for the ad agency, Envoy, and learned to tell stories through digital media. Then a really crazy opportunity came up. I moved to Dubai with 5 days notice to work on the travel show Peeta Planet which took me 63,000 miles in 4 months.

With no contingency plan after Peeta Planet, I signed up for what seemed like a ridiculous contest – Australia’s “Best Jobs in the World”. 330,000 people from 196 countries applied for the jobs, but in the end, I somehow was on my way to Sydney to work for Tourism Australia, promoting the country to other youth travelers.

The journey continued across the country into Perth, helping to launch Petition, the first major craft beer bar in the city center, as well as COMO Hotels & Resorts’ first Australian boutique hotel, and a many other hospitality properties. I’ve since continued to help businesses make strategic marketing choices and build out strategy plans as a consultant for High Value Publishing.

33 countries and counting, I don’t see an end in sight for chasing adventure. With so many ways to share our experiences, we have an amazing opportunity to show people what it’s like to feel the same thing we did. It’s my hope to continue sharing these experiences as long as I can and to work with others that share the same passion.

Working With Me

With experience acting as an agency, a client, an influencer, and a freelancer, I will be the first one to tell you that every project should be treated uniquely. It’s of paramount importance to identify the ultimate goal first, then the discuss the output. With so many brands getting burnt on promises of influencer marketing success and guaranteed viral videos, conversion is the only thing that matters. Contact me to discuss projects or for consultation.

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The Tools

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